Alpaca: cuddly and delicious

After waiting out the hail storm by taking a very solid nap, I went out in search of some kind of moderately authentic meal. My previous walkabout had shown me that for every restaurant in Cusco serving local fare, there are 10 serving pizza, pasta, burgers, and every other kind of international food. So before I went out, I loaded up the trusty TripAdvisor app. Very quickly I had zeroed in on a restaurant, and a 20 minute walk got me there. It was closed. Luckily a nearby square had WiFi, so I found another option, only 5 minutes away. It was also closed. At this point my stomach was on the verge off revolt, so I began to quickly scan the menus of nearby restaurants. Finally I found Kushka Fe. Alpaca steak? Check. Clientele speaking Spanish? Check. Sold!



I ordered the house special Alpaca, served with a creamy mushroom sauce and a side of mashed potatoes. It was tasty, sort of like a thin beef steak, a bit more gamey.


Next I stopped for a beer at 7 Angelitos, a hole in the wall that advertised that it was classic rock tribute night. Unfortunately I was too early for that, and I lacked the patience and fortitude to drink it out alone until then. So I decided to call it an early night, and give myself the evening to read, and to research some museums to check out tomorrow.


~ by kilbasar on January 25, 2013.

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