On my way to the land of the Inca

I just arrived at the Lima airport in Peru. The 8 hour flight here was one of the easiest I’ve ever taken. A half empty cabin allowed me to stretch out, and I slept for nearly the entire flight, important when flying overnight. Despite departing slightly too late for dinner (11pm) and arriving a little too early for breakfast (7am), we were served both. Cheese tortellini with sides of salad, crackers, brie, and cheesecake made an excellent dinner.

So far my terrible broken Spanish hasn’t been too much of a detriment. Gracias, por favor, agua, and cafe americano have been enough to get me though my limited conversations so far. Thanks, Señora Ovadia!

Anyway, next stop is Cusco, a quaint tourist town high up in the Andes. I have 3 days there to soak it in and do some relaxed sight seeing before the real adventure begins.


~ by kilbasar on January 25, 2013.

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