Settling down in Cusco

After a short flight from Lima, I made it to Cusco. Despite being nestled deep in the mountains, it is quite bustling, and I probably could have walked here faster than the taxi could get through the traffic.




My initial observations on the locals:
-Quechua children are adorable
-Despite it being 80s, sunny, and humid, nobody wears short sleeves
-I may have the only beard in the country. Even the homeless guys are clean shaven.

The Hotel Prisma is fairly basic, but clean, and with friendly staff. Immediately upon arrival I was provided a cup of the traditional coca tea, which is supposed to ward off altitude sickness. Of course I’m also taking the non-traditional diamox pills, so hopefully I’ll be fine.

Anyway, time for me to shower and go explore the city.


~ by kilbasar on January 25, 2013.

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