Swedish massages, Irish pubs, and Australia Day

I think it’s interesting that no matter where in the world you are, you can pretty much always get a Swedish massage. And generally, the price and the quality of the massage are totally unrelated. Case in point, here in Cusco I was able to get an hour long full body massage for the equivalent of $20, and it was better than some very expensive massages I’ve had.

So that was how I spent my early evening. When I got out, I was nice and relaxed, and I was tempted to call it an early evening. However, I hadn’t eaten yet, and I was still desperate to meet some people who weren’t trying to sell me anything.

So that’s how I ended up at Paddy’s Pub, the self-described highest Irish pub in the world, at 1156 feet. Apparently the secret to meeting people when traveling alone is to find the nearest Irish pub and drink up! I immediately started chatting with Patrick, the bar tender, Ernesto, a local tour guide, and a pair of British gals on holiday. I filled my belly with cheeseburger and local beer, as we traded stories.



However, Paddy’s was not to be our final destination. Apparently it was Australia Day, and a nearby Aussie hostel with a bar was having a party. I’m still not really sure what Australia Day is, except that it definitely involves drinking, face paint, funny costumes, and dancing on the bar to dance remixes of Queen and Nirvana songs.


So that was my night. I definitely paid for it with my hangover this morning, but it was worth it. Today I finally meet the rest of my tour group, and tomorrow I leave Cusco for the Sacred Valley. Not sure what the wifi situation will be like for the rest of the week, so posts may not be as forthcoming. Adios!


~ by kilbasar on January 27, 2013.

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